At the start of 2020, Amplifier wanted to start hosting conversations among people about their giving styles – how they give, what they give to, why they give – and contracted me to help them figure this out.
I developed a special event experience, driven by a series of interactive posters, that prompted people to answer questions about their giving. As people would move about the room, they'd be encouraged to think a little deeper... and possibly strike up a conversation. I developed, wrote, and designed the full set of posters, facilitation guide, and experience, especially thanks to the support of Sasha at Amplifier.
In light of COVID-19, we also developed an entirely virtual version that uses MURAL to facilitate the interactive posters.
Learn more about the project here.

"I worked with Carolyn on a custom, interactive experience. She took us from vague idea to beautiful reality, designing beautiful materials that made for a memorable experience. This project would have been impossible without Carolyn! She helped with strategy and vision, design and copy-writing, balancing our needs with the way the experience would feel to participants. She quickly understood Amplifier's aesthetic and tone, making for a seamless work experience. And then, when COVID happened, Carolyn helped us move the entire experience online. Carolyn is creative, flexible, easy to work with, and she delivers an exceptional product. She helped fine tune our idea and bring it into existence despite everything the universe could throw at us. We are so grateful for her work and will be reaching out to work together again in the future." 
– Sasha Raskin-Yin, Program Director
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