A multi-year partnership where we developed a 360 campaign focused both on building up stronger ties within communities and public health. 
One of the best illustrations of this major partnership is The GOOD Exchange (2013), a weeklong fellowship where five individuals from around the world came to LA to learn from one another and local nonprofit/civic leaders. The fellowship included a pop-up co-working space in DTLA, a large block party, an intimate dinner (see also the events page), and a feature in Issue 30 of GOOD Magazine. Our hope was that, while this was a life-changing experience for five individuals, their stories could inspired the broader GOOD community online, in print, and through special events.
Future activations with the Gates Foundation included a second GOOD Exchange (this time in Cape Town, South Africa, and focused on public health), Give a Shit mobile campaign, and ongoing public health content lead by Jessica Rivera on good.is.
Kickass teams who helped make all these things happen have included: Tyler Hoehne, Jessica Rivera, Jessica de Jesus, Kate Manos, Corinna Loo, Zoe-Zoe Sheen, and Casey Caplowe.
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